Dynamometer Overhaul

Dynamometer strip, report and overhaul service

DSG specialises in the aftermarket overhaul of most dynamometer brands, both current models and those no longer manufactured by the OEM

A Standard Service for an EC dynamometer would typically include:   

  • Strip of machine.
  • Each component checked for defects and wear.
  • Checking of coil continuity.
  • Checking of speed pick up.
  • Checking of temperature sensors for water inlet/outlet.
  • Checking of pressure switch operation.
  • Checking of dynamometer terminal wiring.
  • Record all findings.
  • Machine reassembly, replacing shaft & trunnion bearings, seals and gaskets.
  • Pressure test.
  • Spin test.
  • Re-spray.

All of our reconditioned machines carry a 6-month warranty covering malfunction due to defective workmanship and/or defects of supplied components.

A typical turn-around time for a standard service as detailed above is 4 – 6 working weeks; final turn-around times are confirmed on completion of the strip report.