Digital Controller

Digital Dynamometer & Throttle Controller

The DIGI-C 4000 builds on the technologies developed for DaTAQ Pro to provide an advanced high-speed digital controller for all engine and dynamometer applications

Colour Touch Screen control provides an easy to use interface for configuring and monitoring parameters. The on-screen display updates in real time to provide speed, torque and power in both SI and English units.

Multiple Digital PID settings can be stored allowing Digi-C 4000 users to create and retrieve PID terms for different engine/dyno configurations. The advanced On-Sreen PID Tuning facility allows rapid tuning whilst the engine is running.

A Remote Computer Interface allows connection to an external computer control system enabling, amongst other things, automatic setpoint and mode control.

Advanced I/O Architecture ensures accuracy and reliability into the future. In common with DaTAQ Pro, Digi-C 4000 uses Off-The-Shelf hardware and I/O wherever possible.