DaTAQ ProLog

DaTAQ ProLog is the entry level data acquisition tool from our DaTAQ Pro software suite.

ProLog provides data display and logging. Results can be shown in several ways – as a digital value, on a screen 'meter', or graphically. Each channel can be monitored against a set of limits programmable by the operator. Logged values can be recorded singly or as series of logs at regular intervals.

A 'Power Curve' tool is included, allowing the operator to manually plot the results of running the test piece at various points to produce a graph. Typically this is configured to show Torque and Power plotted against Speed - a conventional Power curve - however it is possible to configure this to plot and compare any monitored channels.

ProLog can be upgraded to DaTAQ Plus or DaTAQ Pro in a cost effective way, and the time invested in learning to use the original application will be thoroughly applicable with either upgrade.

The system is supplied as a complete package of hardware & software, interconnecting looms and a detailed manual, and can be easily installed by the customer.

Some of the features and options provided by DaTAQ ProLog:

  • Standard I/O System support for 32 physical input channels
  • Standard data logging at up to 10Hz on all channels
  • Full alarm and shutdown protection on all channels
  • Display of all monitored channels using on-screen dials, gauges and meters
  • Entire test can be viewed whilst the test is running in Trend Display, which allows viewing of up to 10 of the monitored channels
  • Generation of Power Curves, with live viewing as the Power Curve is plotted
  • Calculation of Corrected Power and other calculated values
  • Manual or automatic data entry of such parameters as Atmospheric Pressure
  • Standard log file can hold all system channels