DaTAQ Pro is the flagship in our software suite and provides an excellent solution for data acquisition and control in engine, component and other testing environments.

With access to all the latest software features, DaTAQ Pro systems can be configured to meet individual customer requirements. The package incorporates bespoke hardware design with dedicated software configurations to ensure you get exactly what you need.

Some of the features provided by DaTAQ Pro:

  • Fully digital PID control system with bumpless switching from any mode to any mode, including between Automatic and Manual Control.
  • Standard I/O System support for up to 1024 voltage/temperature/pressure input channels at 2Hz; 128 voltage input channels at up to 1kHz; up to 128 isolated digital input channels; up to 128 isolated digital output channels. The system is fully expandable with additional channels easily added by the customer.
  • Up to 64 PID Control loops can be run in addition to the standard dynamometer and throttle control loops. This allows control of other test bed parameters such as Oil and Water Temperature, Exhaust Back Pressure, etc.
  • Standard data logging rates from 1Hz to 1kHz on all channels to Trend Files; (channel count may be limited by system performance).
  • Test Sequencer allows up to 1000 step set-points to be defined for dynamometer, throttle and other control parameters, e.g. Water Temp.
  • Full alarm and shutdown protection on ALL channels.
  • Support for third party instruments through serial, USB, IEEE and Ethernet interfaces; these include smoke meters, ASAP3 devices and emissions analysers. A full CAN interface is also supported, providing such things as throttle control for electronic engines and engine diagnostics using J1939 protocols.
  • Full Road Load Simulation feature that provides Gear Shift, Gradient, Ground Condition and Wind Speed simulation.
  • Running of European and Federal emissions cycles on motoring dynamometers, e.g. AC or DC machines using Unico or other drive systems.