DaTAQ Plus

DaTAQ Plus is offered to meet the needs of customers looking for a complete control and data acquisition system without the costs associated with a bespoke or turnkey solution

Designed for easy installation and integration with existing test cell arrangements, the package is supplied as a kit of parts complete with standard wiring looms, allowing easy installation by the customer. An installation service can be offered as an extra if required.

Because this package is based on the top-of-the-range DaTAQ Pro software platform, it offers many of the features of this advanced and well-proven package. Where it differs in particular is that DaTAQ Plus puts limits on the quantity and type of I/O that can be added, making it perfect for many applications where future expansion is not expected.

Upgrades to the full DaTAQ Pro package are available to cater for the growth of customer needs; because the software platform is the same, this incurs none of the heartache often associated with software upgrades.

DaTAQ Plus is supplied with a 12 month Software Support Contract to ensure that remote support and software updates are available as and when you need them.