Control & Data Acquisition

DaTAQ Pro control and data acquisition systems

A wide range of control and data acquisition solutions is available via our DaTAQ Pro software suite.

Developed to meet the demands of today's industries, our systems are offered in three standard formats:

DaTAQ Pro – The complete package that can be specified to meet your individual requirements.

The DaTAQ Pro licence makes all features available at day 1, including drivers and interfaces for mainstream third party devices in current usage.

DaTAQ Plus – Designed to deliver a digital control and data acquisition solution 'Out of the Box', DaTAQ Plus is supplied as a 'kit' system, intended for installation by the customer.

DaTAQ Prolog – Prolog is the 'data acquisition only' option for customers who do not require test piece or facility control.

DaTAQ Prolog and Plus are configurations of the full DaTAQ Pro software platform and as such have a full upgrade path should your testing requirements change.

The single software platform approach also ensures that all of our customers* can benefit from developments in the system's performance.

(* Software updates available to customers with a current Software Support Contract)