Taylor Dynamometer

In the 1920s John Taylor formed the Taylor Dynamometer & Machine Company to produce and market equipment he had developed for diesel engine testing

Over the years, Taylor's continued success is attributed to its reputation for the outstanding value that it delivers to its customers, through product design, manufacturing processes, technical support and training.

Now Taylor Dynamometer is recognized as a world class leader in design and manufacturing of specialised testing equipment. Taylor Dynamometer is focused on providing testing solutions to manufacturers and distributors of all types of engines and motors. Today there are thousands of Taylor dynamometers in operation throughout the world  Taylor is a global manufacturer of engine, chassis and towing dynamometers, hydraulic test centers, data acquisition and control systems, electric motor testing systems and complete test cell solutions.  With 90 years of experience and thousands of dynamometer systems in operation throughout the world, Taylor's comprehensive product offering along with a unique blend of product knowledge and clear understanding of application environments ensure that customers get the most out of their equipment over its entire life cycle through superior performance, enhanced flexibility and higher return on investment.


DSG is the the official UK and Europe agent for Taylor Dynamometer products and systems; please contact us for further details.