Bespoke Engineering

Development need not be testing!

From vehicle components to 'stopping power' for cyclists, DSG is able to deliver much more than Dynamometer Servicing

Engine/component rigging, pallet systems, drive shaft docking, water cooling, ventilation, combustion air, exhaust dilution, fuel measurement, safety systems and acoustic enclosures; these are all elements of an 'Engine Test' facility, but where else can they be used?

Brake Testing – Driven by our DaTAQ Pro control and data acquisition system we delivered a test rig for Hope Technology Limited for the development of their hydraulic disc brakes. Utilising a Unico inverter drive and AC motor, DaTAQ Pro simulates real world conditions such as vehicle mass, inertia, gradient, terrain, wind speed, wheel slip.

Hope Technology is now able to develop its products 24/7 and without the need for a crash test dummy.